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The truth you need to hear about being a business owner in the serviced accommodation industry (this weekend, and every weekend after that).

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated 70 years of Her Majesty’s service. The entire country rejoiced in an extended bank holiday weekend, as Jubilee celebrations are in full swing – and trending on every corner of the internet.

Today’s blog is in support of the Jubilee Weekend (and what it actually stands for). We all support this iconic occasion; and let’s face it: there’s no harm in enjoying the odd bevvie.

However, the problem occurs when we continue to use public holidays as an excuse to backtrack on our business and life goals, without realising that every choice we make now, has a knock-on effect on our future.

There’s a difference between achieving a healthy work-life balance and self-sabotaging your own success. And I’m sorry to say, but if you’re using the Queen’s magnificent service to get plastered over a four-day weekend (and then be unproductive the following few days, thanks to a hangover), then you’re not doing yourself any favours.

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Consistency vs. Intensity

This morning, I shared a selfie of myself at the gym (on my social platforms) – and the opening line of the caption was “Where Is Everybody?”. You can check out the posts on my social media.

The point of the post was to show how a gym that’s usually packed on a Friday morning, was like a morgue today, because everybody had decided to take time off.

I explained how I CHOSE to show up today and continue to make difficult decisions every day, in the interest of my personal and business goals.

It’s not easy for me to wake up two hours earlier than everybody else, every day.

It’s not easy for me to turn-down social gatherings and nights out.

It’s not easy for me to order sparkling water at the bar, when everybody else is on their fourth or fifth pint.

But I continue to do it anyway; because the consequences of making such decisions mean that I have much more luxury and leisure time for myself (and my family) in the near future. And believe me, I do have my leisurely pleasures too – just not at the expense of my business.

Unsurprisingly, my post attracted a few negative comments and messages – which is absolutely fine; because everybody is entitled to their own opinion. However, I cannot help but wonder, if a message as such is deeply disturbing you, then might it be because you know deep down, that you’re sabotaging your own chances of success?

It’s a pattern I see often, especially in my coaching work.

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When you disguise what’s really complacency, procrastination (and dare I say, even laziness) as “work-life balance”, you’re virtually standing in the way of your own success. But this is something many people are unwilling to admit to themselves.

I’m all for taking time off, as I’ve written about it extensively in some of my earlier newsletters. But do remember, one of the formulas of success is relatively simple. It’s all about consistency over intensity – and basically, not taking anything to “the extreme”.

For example, a four-day weekender bender may seem harmless right now. But if you plan on getting shit-faced or pretending as though your property business doesn’t exist during this time, you’re going to pay for the consequences come Monday, Tuesday (or whenever you recover from that pounding hangover).

What if instead of going bat-shit crazy – and using Her Majesty as an excuse – you decide to show up, even just a little bit, every day for your business? It’s these consistently small actions that set you up for bigger wins in the future; any highly successful entrepreneur will tell you the same.

In fact, this is exactly the reason why I decided to get my arse to the gym this morning. Taking a day off because of the bank holiday just wasn’t an option; as I choose not to disturb my own flow and momentum.

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Don’t Follow the Herd

It’s insane. Everywhere you look this weekend, the country is telling you to take a holiday.

They’re encouraging you to get down to the pub and stay there till closing hours. They’re telling you to sign out of your emails. They’re telling you that it’s “not cool” to post about business during what’s supposed to be “time off”.

I’m all for celebrating joyous occasions and dedicating time specifically for that. But if you’re switching off from an important time during your business journey, simply because everyone else is, then you’re digging yourself a hole.

Remember, there is such a thing as toxic positivity – and the people that only ever tell you to take an unproductive sabbatical (all the time), don’t have to pay your bills and put food on your family’s table.

As property business owners, we are the minority.

As self-starters and entrepreneurs, we are the minority.

As professionals who choose not to be confined to a 9-5, we are the minority.

So, without question, we need to think like the minority, too. It only makes sense for us to make choices that are out of the “ordinary” (as per a conformist society), because it’s exactly that kind of attitude that’s weaved into the fabric of our personalities.

Choosing to work on your business, while everybody else is partying hard is the kind of shit that’ll guarantee your success. Some people may argue that I’m pushing a dangerous “hustle culture” onto everyone – but this isn’t about not having a life at all.

It’s about doing things that other people aren’t prepared to do. Things that’ll only cost you an extra hour or two of sleep (most people are clinically oversleeping anyway), or an extra 30 minutes whipping up some business content, just before your family dinner.

Choices, my friends. Make the right ones this weekend.

As you know, I’ve recently launched a brand-new property coaching club called Room 22, The Property Club – which is built on a supportive community that encourages you to make the right choices for your life. You can still head on over to the website to join the best property business learning programs (and get your first 14 days free).



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