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The property and short-term rental market in Dubai are rife with opportunities. According to sources from, occupancy rates have increased 32%  from December 2020 to December 2021, plus the ADR increased by 15 to 28% – and the average month-on-month occupancy has grown to 94%. 

What these figures mean is that if you’re looking to scale a short-term rental or serviced accommodation empire in Dubai – officially listed as one of the most desirable locations in the world, then the likelihood of making a serious amount of money from it could be high. 

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Getting Started with Property in Dubai

While this sunlit region of the UAE is known for attracting a colossal number of tourists every year (including the world’s most rich and famous), the market can be tough to break into as an operator if you don’t have the right knowledge, tools, nor resources at hand.

At first glance, the potential to build wealth in Dubai can seem huge; it’s easy to get whisked away by the gold-studded dreams this city inspires. However, it’s important to remember that a number of aspiring property business leaders fail at the first few hurdles in Dubai due to a lack of education and mentorship.

Unfortunately, this tarnishes the name of the property and short-term rental industry – which in fact, is one of the best avenues to generate wealth and provides the space for you to continue to scale (until your entrepreneurial appetite is satisfied).

So, for those who want to explore the profitable opportunities Dubai offers in our industry – it’s wise to get started on the right footing. 

You can also start investing in Dubai Real Estate if you would prefer.

Just as you wouldn’t build a house without laying the foundations first, you wouldn’t dive into a new business venture without doing adequate research and fully understanding the pros and cons.

The trouble is, doing the above can take time. And in a world built on instant gratification, where a Starbucks Frappuccino can be delivered to your front door in just a matter of 3 clicks, time is money. Rather than whittling through the overwhelming amount of resources on the internet – from podcasts to articles to online videos (many of which are not even vetted), you’re better off working with professionals who have the clout, credibility, and years of experience in the industry.

In fact, who better to be coached by than an entrepreneur who has built and scaled a successful property business in Dubai and is in control of over £50 million worth of property? 

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Online Training from the Leaders of the Dubai Property Market 

CEO of Luke Capital Group and founder of Room 22 Property Club, Ryan Luke is a big fan of “modelling success”. According to him, he’s collected all the battle scars while building his own property empire – so that aspiring property leaders like you don’t have to.

The entrepreneur built his property empire from scratch and expanded to Dubai (where his main operations team is now based) – after feeling inspired during a drive down Sheikh Zayed Road. 

Through his experience, Ryan has not only identified what it takes to make a property business wildly successful – but what’s required to make a property business wildly successful in the UAE.

From the “tax-free” regulations in the city to cultural differences to tourist hotspots, profitable locations and the currency – Ryan has mastered all the details of this sought-after city; and has put a club together that’ll teach you everything you need to know.

At Room 22, online training takes on a different guise than what you would normally expect from other coaching providers. 

Rather than only sitting through hours’ worth of tutorial content (although there is a lot of material to get through when you join the club), Ryan and his team offer a more interactive experience, where the entire community is encouraged to take part and ask questions, however big or small.

If your goal is to scale your property empire in Dubai, then you can gain instant insights and value by joining the club’s webinars, live coaching calls, and real-time Telegram groups that allow you to connect with other thought leaders and fellow peers. 

The club regularly updates its content and Resource Hub, giving you a library of information about building a property business in Dubai and serving as the most impactful kind of online training you’ll ever receive. The best part is that joining Room 22 costs members no more than just £1 – and lifetime access is the equivalent of just one takeout coffee a week. 

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Dubai Could be at Your Feet, with Room 22’s Online Training 

Take advantage of this digitally-driven age, where knowledge and resources can be at your fingertips, and join Room 22’s community for just £1. Far too many people allow their dreams and business pursuits to die while blaming their circumstances. But Room 22’s online training opportunities give you the best chance of success – in a normally hugely competitive market.

You’ll learn from the club founder himself, as well as a host of guest speakers and mentors and the club’s own ambassadors, who specialise in different areas of the property business. A brighter, more profitable (and sun-kissed future) might just be a few clicks away.

See you in the Room. 



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