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Understanding The Life Balance For Designing Your Life

Firstly, let’s discuss the Trifecta Game which is the way I live my life. I have played a game with myself to ensure that I can be as productive as possible whilst remaining fulfilled at all times with high amounts of energy.

I’m a big believer that you need all three elements firing at the same time to reach your optimal level of productivity, creativity, fulfilment, joy, abundance and happiness.

Let me give you a few examples to explain what I mean:

You can run a successful business and be 25 stone overweight, with a high chance of having a heart attack at the age of 45, and ultimately leaving behind your business and your family. So, what is the actual point? 

Similarly, you can spend all your time in the gym ensuring that you’re at peak fitness at all times. However, because you aren’t showing up at work or in your business then you make no money and live in scarcity. There’s also no point in being fit and healthy and having a business on fire that you dedicate all your time to if you do not allocate any time towards your partner/wife/husband/kids and ultimately have nothing to share with anybody. You’ll end up feeling unfulfilled.

As you can see, the balance has to be right in order to be at your optimum and ensure the Trifecta game is in full force.

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Trifecta Game In Short Term Rentals and Serviced Accommodation

Life design is something that I focus on and it’s something that the majority of the world does not focus on. Ultimately, their lives end up getting designed by other people and let me tell you – when someone else is designing your life, they have not got the best life design plan set out for you.

For me, life design is about making sure each element of the Trifecta game is allocated enough time to be operating at its peak performance at all times. 

Most of us in life strive for financial independence and freedom. This means that we have the ability to make decisions about how our day-to-day activity will flow; we decide what we will do when we will do it and from where we will do it. For me, that is the most powerful thing that any human being achieves and very few actually do it.

The first stage for most people is financial independence which basically means their business creates enough money to allow them the freedom to operate as they so wish. Most people’s financial independence figure lies around £2500 to £3500 per month and this can be easily achieved with serviced accommodation, with the right knowledge and effort.

Having a short term rental or serviced accommodation business also plays nicely into the Trifecta game and being able to design your life as you see fit. I have built my business, my systems and processes, and the people that support me around the idea that I can operate the entire organisation from my mobile phone. It’s given me the flexibility to be able to work from wherever I want and I’m not tied down to any specific location. 

As I am a big fan of the sunshine over the wet rain that we’ve become accustomed to in the UK, I like to travel. So much so that I decided to take my businesses into international locations so I get the best of both worlds – we will come onto this in the later chapters.

Many of us work in jobs that tie us to a desk or a specific location. This may be okay for some. However, it was not how I wanted my life to be and I made it intentional that I would design all my businesses so I could run them remotely whilst travelling between my three main destinations – the UK, Dubai, and Portugal.

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The Ultimate Piece in Designing Your Life

Designing your life is great. But there are many pieces that need to fall into place in order to be able to pull that off. The main one is money. 

To be able to travel and live in multiple locations, you are going to need to fund your lifestyle and the expenses that come with travelling, as well as continue to top up the monetary pot to ensure that you remain above the financial independent level. Many businesses cannot offer the ability to do this without being in a specific location.

This is where having a property investment business really comes to the forefront and probably why most people strive to become a property investor because it allows you to make money whilst you sleep – for me, that is a powerful business model! 

Whenever you do not need to be present, you can exchange time for money, and your bank balance continues to grow, you’re onto a winner. Personally, I think this is the optimal business model.

The Brucie bonus of running an Airbnb style property business is that you can set up properties in all the locations that you want to visit regularly and you can stay in those properties whenever you’re visiting. It’s a very flexible business model and a very cost-effective way to travel the world, see different cities and go on holiday.

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My Key Top Tips with Life Design

  1. Always be designing your life and never let anybody else design it for you.
  2. Always be thinking about ways to automate the tasks that often keep you tied to a laptop or a desk.
  3. Make sure that you wrap a good team of experts around you to support your life and business.

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