Chris Maughan ambassador of Room22 Property Club

I-PRAC, the industry’s biggest ambassadors of trust and inclusivity join forces – with the mission to create unmatchable value for short-term rental professionals. 

It’s common to get caught up in the daily grind of business and lose sight of the important things, outside of making money.

As the short-term rental industry continues to navigate in a world where good values, camaraderie and trust are at its helm, two leaders have partnered up to create something that leaves no short term rental operator behind. 

Opening the Doors of Opportunity

There are numerous instances where short term rental professionals have stepped into the (ever-competitive) industry, often with bags of potential and mounds of fresh ideas. 

Unfortunately, many of these aspiring leaders have limited resources or funds to grow their businesses, and end up in a frustrating cycle of commercial setbacks, stress, and emotional isolation.

ROOM22 Property Club community

Room 22 Property Club has been created to address exactly this. 

The club is proud to be the world’s most inclusive property coaching club, as it opens its doors to short term rental professionals of any background, experience and financial standing. Subscription fees start at the price of just a daily takeout coffee; and membership gives Roomies (club members) instant access to a world of resources, as well as that much-needed support.

Unsurprisingly, Room 22 has become inundated with membership and partnership enquiries, since its inception. And as thankful as we’ve been for this interest (and promise to pay it forward in as many ways possible), there’s one individual whose values align with the Club’s ethos – and he will no doubt, add value to the community, in indispensable ways.

Chris Maughan: CEO of I-PRAC. Pioneer of Trust. Industry Veteran. 

While this article highlights I-PRAC becoming the official Headline Sponsor of Room 22 Property Club, let’s lead with the professional who tirelessly flies its flag every day. 

Chris Maughan is no ordinary CEO. His business has been created off the back of his own personal investment (a quarter of a million euros to be precise); because he has been committed to transforming the short term rental space, like no other leader we know.

Chris started his own short term rental business, AES Events in the South of France more than 20 years ago. The business, which specialises in luxury corporate accommodation and events, now has the likes of MTV, Google and Disney in its client portfolio and is worth a staggering £18 million. The entrepreneur created this business from a small studio flat (with very little help nor funds) – and entirely in the absence of OTAs.

After establishing AES Events as a firm industry leader – Chris made the commendable decision of “giving back” to the industry. Thus, I-PRAC was born – the world’s only global verification and membership platform that guarantees 100% protection from rental fraud.

When a Short Term Rentals business becomes I-PRAC Approved – following a meticulous verification process – they can wear this accreditation as a “badge of honour” and give guests the guarantee that all their payments are fully secure, and that they themselves are in safe hands.

This has been a game-changer for travellers and legitimate short term rental operators alike; as rental scams are rife in the industry – with millions being lost by innocent victims, every year. An issue that has been neglected for many years, until Chris stepped onto the scene.

From Chris, we’ve learned the irreplaceable importance of trust, peace of mind, and security in the short-term rental industry (and the world). As such, Chris teaches that establishing relationships of trust comes long before flashy marketing, overhyped PR and shiny websites for short term rental operators to become successful. 

Looking back at some of the world’s biggest brands such as Amazon, Disney and Apple – it’s hard not to agree with Chris’s inspired teaching methods. There’s one such thing in life that underpins everything (and all the decisions we as human beings make) – and that is, of course, trust.

In our world, not only does trust enable more direct bookings, brand loyalty and community building – but it levels the playing field, and gives short term rental professionals the confidence to compete (and beat) commission-hungry beasts such as Airbnb.  Luke Stays became I-PRAC accredited nearly two years ago, and direct booking conversions have massively increased since. The proof really is in the results.

So, Room 22’s partnership with I-PRAC and the pioneer of trust himself – Chris Maughan, is an absolute honour and pleasure. The shared values between us will mean that we’ll be delivering absolute gold dust for the industry (and bettering lives, at the same time).

I-prac worldwide certified for short term rentals

“When Chris is in the Room”: Offering Incredible Value and 1-2-1 Mentoring for Room 22 Members 

In many ways, news of the Headline Sponsorship is just a tip-off of the iceberg. The real value for club members comes in when they learn that Chris Maughan is also the first official Ambassador of Room 22 Property Club.

This means he’s the first of a select group of industry experts who’ve committed to delivering value, insights and “top tips” to members on a regular basis – at no extra cost. 

Unsurprisingly, the demand to have 1-2-1 learning time with Chris is huge; as this entrepreneur has so many successes (and lessons) under his belt.

Room 22 is now presenting an opportunity to learn directly from Chris and immediately implement those learnings into your short term rental business. We’ll be hosting Q&A sessions, live tutorials and in-person events with Chris Maughan himself – a chance that certainly doesn’t come by very easily. If ever, at all.

Frankly speaking,, at such an unbelievable price for club membership, short term rental professionals are being handed a golden ticket for their future; as long as they’re willing to put the hard work into themselves. 

Room22 property club community

Joining Room 22 Property Club and Experts Including Chris Maughan 

If you’re in the short term rental business and are serious about growth (for both your brand and your mindset), then the time to check in to Room 22 is now. You’ll instantly upgrade your short term rental game with the likes of Chris Maughan in your corner, and gain incredible value from day one. 

Check our learning programs now and join the property club with great mindsets in the short term rental industry worldwide.



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