The Illusion Of The Promising 9-5

9-5 rat race

Job security.

Sorted for life.

Predictability. Tranquillity. Rationality.

The trouble is, it’s all a myth.

Yet, I see people, upon people, upon people drifting through life in jobs they may not even be happy with – purely because they believe these jobs offer them security…

… When all the while, their lives are frankly in the hands of the CEOs and organisations who employ them.

You’re working for someone else to achieve their dreams rather than achieving your own.

illusion working habits

My Point Out Of The World’s Illusion

Probably you’re thinking what is my point of this whole post?

Well, you’re not going to find “guarantees” anywhere in life. That’s the nature of life (that’s what makes it exciting).

So, wouldn’t you rather take a chance on yourself and work towards an opportunity that could transform your and your family’s future?

Or would you rather continue taking a chance on your “regular” job, that doesn’t really promise you eternal security (nor the opportunity to truly thrive in all areas of life).

I know which option I’d prefer. That’s why I learned how to exit the 9-5 and live my life by my own means.

happy man quitting his job

Be A Pro In Your Sector

It’s the main reason I fell into the serviced accommodation sector – it’s the perfect balance between risk and also the most simple and straightforward way to success.

Learning how to become an Airbnb host and start real estate coaching allowed me to work towards my own success, finally be able to thrive at something and transformed my own and my family’s lives giving me back the time I waste at those “regular” 9 to 5 jobs.

And the same goes for all the members of our closed Facebook Group, who’ve taken a chance on themselves because they know they’re worth it.

Don’t let societal conditioning brainwash you. A future in the property business might seem scary at first, but it’s no riskier than the position you’re currently in.

Think about it.

If you want to start quitting your 9-5 and start to build something for yourself, that will keep paying you eternally, then you’re where you want to be.

In Room22 Property Club, we have coaches and programs that teach anyone how to start a business in the property industry. You will learn everything you need to know to enter the short term rentals and serviced accommodation world; start EARNING like a pro NOW!



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