Our First Great Ambassador in 2022: Chris Maughan

Read this if you want to connect with a true pioneer of the short term rental industry, whose top tips are guaranteed to catapult your business.

This post is to announce our first great ambassador here in Room22.

How Is It Important To You?

I’m going to be honest with you, opportunities like this are unheard of.

But I promised you incredible value at Room 22 The Property Club, and that starts NOW…

With not one, but TWO exciting announcements! (Both of which directly benefit you as Club Members).

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce Chris Maughan, of AES Accommodation and Events and I-PRAC as our first Ambassador of Room 22. 

Chris Maughan of I-PRAC and AES accommodation. Ambassador of Room22 Property Club

What Did Our Ambassador Get For You?

Now, if you haven’t yet connected with this self-made entrepreneur then you’re REALLY missing out. And trust me, I don’t say this about a lot of people.

To say Chris is just an “expert” in the short term rental industry would be the understatement of the millennium.

This wildly successful businessman moved to Cannes over 20 years ago and built his short term rental business, AES Accommodation and Events from a tiny studio flat in France.

The business is now worth a staggering £18 million and its client portfolio includes the likes of MTV, Google, Disney and Spotify.

Chris built this powerhouse of a short term rental machine entirely from scratch, and ENTIRELY IN THE ABSENCE OF OTAs.

You can only imagine how his experience and knowledge are like actual gold dust, and I just know he’s going to raise the bar at Room 22 to a whole new level.

You can lean into Chris’s phenomenal insights in the club (at NO extra cost) by becoming a Roomie HERE, and subscribing to one of our Suite Packages to access courses, and resources, and learn more about:

  1. Serviced Accommodation
  2. Short Term Rentals
  3. How To Invest In Property
  4. Airbnb Management
  5. Building The Right Mindset To Be Successful

But hey, that’s not at all (I promised you two major announcements, remember?)

Many of you will associate Chris Maughan with the word TRUST and TRUST MARKETING. 

Chris has undoubtedly flown the flag of trust in the STR industry more than any other leader and revolutionised the way we look at our property businesses. 

Since the epic success of AES, Chris invested a quarter of a million euros (of his own money) to create I-PRAC. The industry’s only global verification and membership platform that guarantees trust for STR operators and travellers, alike. 

I-PRAC is groundbreaking in so many ways. And so, it makes me super proud to say that the company has officially become Room 22’s HEADLINE SPONSOR.

As Room 22’s philosophies are built around trust, inclusivity and affordable coaching, this partnership with I-PRAC is the perfect fit and will continue to bring loads of value to members like you.

Chris Maughan Quote for Short Term Rentals

I can guarantee that the club will soon become oversubscribed, as we’re getting such a fantastic group of experts like Chris Maughan together.

Check in NOW and start upgrading your life (with the likes of Chris Maughan in your corner).

The time to join this revelation is NOW.



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