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10 Steps how to start your Serviced Accommodaton Business

Check out this awesome EBOOK that will lead you Step-By-Step to your first property as Serviced Accommodation.

Learn how to acquire your first property and start earning monthly passive income from it.

Also, learn how to repeat it and scale it to acquire more and more into your property success.

Download it today and start your success journey now. 


serviced accommodation ebook for free

We had put together great and very helpful pieces of content for FREE just for you to learn more about 

Serviced Accommodation – Short Term Lets – Airbnb Management

Start learning more about the property industry from the Club founder; Ryan Luke.

In these FREE content pieces, you will learn how to build and scale your property business on Airbnb and other listing platforms, and many other hidden and valuable tips that you won’t learn anywhere but in Room22 Property Club.

Serviced Accommodation Course

Training To Get Into Serviced Accommodation Business

serviced accommodation

Basics of Serviced Accommodation

First Things First. Learn the basics of Serviced Accommodation that you will build and scale your business.

airbnb style properties

Airbnb Style Properties

Learn what properties work on Airbnb. Not all properties will work on Airbnb, so get to know which properties will stand out.

acquiring more properties

Acquiring 21 Properties & More

Learn how to acquire your first properties and repeat to acquire more properties in lesser time.

no money

Start With No Money

If you think getting into the Serviced Accommodation Industry needs money, you will learn how to start with no money in this module.

find your property deal

Find Your First Property

Learn how to find your first property and close the deal to acquire it.

finding more deals by marketing

Get More Deals By Marketing Yourself

Know how to be the problem solver. Landlords always got problems, learn here how to solve them.

off market property deals

Finding Off-Market Property Deals

Find more deals off the market. The best deals you'll find are the off-market deals. Learn how to find them!

analysing property deals

Analysing Property Deals

Learn how to analyse property deals for serviced accommodation. Very important lesson in your property business.