Are Property Mentors and Property Courses Worth The Money?


Personally, I say “hell yeah” however there are some questions to ask before you make that same decision and not all property mentors, coaches or property courses are worth the money. 

Let’s dig a bit deeper into this. 

How Does It Start To Get A Property Mentor

Before I got into property, I was already investing in myself in a big way. I knew that this was the greatest way to empower myself and that it would enable me to achieve my goals in life. 

Let’s wind it back to the moment where it was all going wrong. Sat on my couch, I was depressed and frustrated with the way my life was going, the amount of work and hours I was putting in, and the lack of effort that I was putting into my family. 

In fact on this very day, the day that changed me forever, I could not be bothered to take my son to a second birthday party, which is something I regret now. On the flipside, I did come across a mentor who has changed everything for me over the years as I was mindlessly scrolling through social media. 

This moment not only led me onto this mentorship and changed my mindset around educating myself and investing in my mind and my skill sets as a number one priority, but it also led me onto all the other mentorships since. As I write this blog five years later, I can say the impact on my life was so great and this would not have been possible, had I not had my brain rewired and sat on my couch that day.

However, like any mentorship, training course or coaching program, ultimately you still have to put the work in. You still have to show up every day and this is one thing that I have done since that day. 

It Will Be A Part Of You

Getting up at 4:30am and quite often working deep into the evening was something that I had to do to get my business going, and something that has now become part of me and my lifestyle. I absolutely love my morning routine which sets me up for the day to take massive action, create great things and be super productive. 

As I have gone through my transformation phase in terms of my personal development over the years, I have come to the conclusion that I can accelerate my results so much faster when I am working with experts around me at all times. As such, there have been very few periods in my life where I have not been working with one or several mentors at the same time. 

There’s a common misconception that you only need one mentor. I quite often have multiple mentors for multiple things as business and life are both very complicated processes. You need help in different departments to be able to function at your highest level and create the impossible results that you are striving for. I talk about this a lot in ‘The Trifecta Game’ which I will come on to in another blog but the principle is that you cannot run a successful business if you are not fit and healthy. And similarly, you cannot spend all your hours in the gym getting fit and healthy if you want to run a successful business. 

On the flipside, you cannot spend all your time at work and potentially sacrifice your family life. Most of us will be working towards goals and our main reason why will more than likely be to give ourselves and our families a better life. 

property mentors and mentees

Constantly Aim For Success

Tony Robbins is a huge fan of modelling success and this is where I learnt this from. It is so powerful for achieving your results. In its simplest form, you are basically investigating what someone does well, adapting it to your situation, and modelling what they have done. You will see very similar results as long as the work and effort go into it. 

Modelling success is the quickest way to get you to your goals and it will also more than likely be the least expensive way, especially when it comes to property investing. One way or another, you are going to pay to play – whether that be in expensive mistakes or whether it is with an expert to show you the way based on their previous mistakes and help you avoid them. 

There is also the opportunity cost element in moving slower than you could potentially go. By modelling success and having the right guidance, you are not leaving money on the table by trying to figure it out yourself and wasting time heading in the wrong direction.

This is the power of working with experts and getting yourself as educated as possible, as quickly as possible. I do not see it as a cost – I see it as a return on investment in myself. 

Invest In Knowledge

Every single person and business should allocate funds towards their personal educational investment every single year as well as their business educational investment. As you go on through your business, you will expand this investment into your team as there is no point just investing in yourself. If you are taking on staff, you want them to be the best versions of themselves so they can operate at a higher level and ultimately it becomes a win-win situation. Do not forget about your team and ensure that you are investing in their personal development and their business skill sets to benefit your business.

Investing £10,000 on a credit card based on a 30-second decision was one of the most exciting and scariest experiences I have ever had. However, what it triggered for the years to come has been immensely powerful in changing my mindset around personal development and the ripple effect of that has been colossal in my health, wealth and happiness.

After discovering the power of investing in myself at a high level, I now only ever pay for memberships in full and the reason behind this is because it commits me 120% to the end result. I have no get-out clause and I certainly don’t want to see the money come to nothing. 

Most of you have probably invested less than a Domino’s Pizza in yourself to date and that is ok, however, you are going to need to change that mindset if you want to be successful and if you want to do it quicker. 

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Room22 – The Property Club

I know that if you never joined the Room 22 Property Club the negative consequence will be not having important knowledge and modelling the success to be able to give you the right action elements to also replicate a successful business and life. 

The point is if this club was £10,000 (which it’s not as we make sure it is accessible, affordable and attainable to everyone) and you paid in full, I guarantee you would go through the content 100 times and extract every bit of information out of the club and take huge amounts of action around the information you have learned. This for me is why you go all-in with mentorships as it makes you produce at high levels that get serious results and you also see those results happen a lot faster.

Now, this hasn’t just happened for me, you will see many success stories from like-minded individuals, just like you and I who have taken the leap of faith and backed themselves. 

I’ve coached hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years and I have spotted some patterns that exist within those that get the success that they desire.

  1. They go all in
  2. They do not hesitate in making a decision after understanding where they’re looking to go, what their challenges are and that any gaps that need to be filled can be filled through modelling and working within the environment I create for the entrepreneurs 
  3. They take massive amounts of action every single day, based on the instructions given to them. They do not create reasons as to why they are not getting the results – they just get their head down and get the results by hook or by crook. 
  4. They never stop learning. They never think they have cracked it and know enough because the minute you do that is the minute you start to fail.
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How To Think – Entrepreneurial

There are many entrepreneurs in this world who will continue to have a thirst for knowledge and new ways to improve, so if you stop, you will end up going backwards. There is no staying still in business and life – you’re either going backwards or forwards and I know which way I want to be going. 

Mentorships haven’t just worked for me…

Lois Hedley:

“We have always had a passion for property and had started on the traditional path of buying, renovating, living in the property then selling and buying again.  We raised enough capital for our first flip project and then bought a buy-to-let, but after this, we had no more capital for further deposits and became stuck.  

I started to look for other ways to grow our portfolio and began scouring the internet. I found a few people offering training courses and did my due diligence but didn’t feel comfortable parting with a substantial amount of money for a 2-day training event or similar and found the trainers disingenuous.  

Then I discovered Ryan.  

We met in person, had a good chat and we felt that we had found the right fit for what we were looking for. It was the best decision we ever made.  

At the time, it seemed like a risky investment but looking back, I wish we had done it years ago. It has (speeded up) our progress ten-fold with condensed learning from someone who has already succeeded in the field and we avoided costly mistakes which would have cost us time and money.  

It also gave us confidence and provided support in an environment of like-minded people with a great mindset and motivation. 

We feel confident taking on investors and have learnt so many creative ways of acquiring property that we were not aware of before. We have grown from 0 – 10 SA units in just over a year, plus 4 investment purchases and both left our jobs recently. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to invest in a quality (mentorship) again in the future and it truly is an investment for your business – it provides motivation and accelerated learning that has taken the mentors years to learn themselves.

We have developed great business relationships and friendships with other members and have been able to support each other and those following which is very rewarding.”

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The Downside Of Property Mentorships and Courses 

Like any industry, it is flooded with the good, bad and the ugly who just damn right scam people out of their money which I am massively against. 

However, for the majority of property education out there I do believe that if you go all in and do the work, ask good questions and model what the “expert” (I use this term loosely as many are no way near experts)  is teaching you then you will get more value than you paid and that is a good investment if you ask me. 

The problem I see is too many people are going into property mentorships, courses etc thinking they are saviours. Let me tell you, no one out there is going to save you, a good property mentor can point you in the right direction however you are the only one that can be your saviour… EVER!

My top tips on picking the right mentor or training program for you are as follows:

  1. Do their own results stack up to what they preach?
  2. Are they actively doing it? 
  3. Do you resonate with their personality and opinions?
  4. Have others succeeded under their guidance?
  5. Sometimes watch them for a while before engaging
  6. Ask other people about them on social channels

-Ryan K Luke 

Founder of Luke Capital Group

Creator of Luke Stays Franchise

Founder of Room 22 Property Club 

Author of How To… Property

Head Coach in the Franchise Vault



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