Short Term Rental Industry: The Successful Mindset In 2022

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Why levelling the playing field is more important than ever, in the short term rental industry.

Many of us like to believe that we each have an equal shot at success. And while I agree that we’re all capable of extraordinary things, I’d be foolish to outrightly claim that every human being has been dealt the same hand in life.

More and more leaders from our industry are stepping up and creating the “circumstances” to help aspiring business owners reach their goals.

I absolutely love this idea of giving back. And ultimately, I too want to play an integral role in levelling the playing field when it comes to “success” in the short term rental and serviced accommodation industry.

No longer should we operate in an industry where only a certain demographic of people are presented with opportunities. Success should be a universal concept and entirely inclusive.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to make my own “dent of inclusivity” in the short term rental space.


When reflecting back I’ve found myself wondering on many occasions over the last three years, how much my success would’ve been “fast-tracked” if I had the right opportunities presented in front of me.

You can sure bet that a motivated person like me would’ve grabbed that opportunity with both hands, and probably cut the time I spent in “survival mode” right down in half.

In hindsight, I can’t help but think how many other aspiring property leaders are out there, hungry for success – and may never get a shot at turning their lives around, solely because they’ll never wind up in the right place “at the right time”.

I’d decided from the get-go that I’d use my success as an entrepreneur to give back to the industry and continue creating more leaders. Our arena isn’t exactly short of coaching programmes and courses, but it’s only until I dug deeper very recently that I realised what’s really been going on.

We’d be stupid not to admit that there are many so-called “experts”, who manipulate people into paying extortionate prices for coaching – and end up delivering next-to-no results.

Of course, there are also those opportunities that are brilliantly valuable. But they’re usually offered at a high-ticket price, meaning those with fewer savings are immediately out of the running – no matter how much potential they might have.

We all talk about inclusivity because it’s trending on social media; but how many of us actually put our money where our mouth is, and strive to make a difference so that everyone is presented with the same opportunities?

building a community in the short term rental industry

Accessible. Affordable. Actionable.

The idea of my brand-new club ROOM 22: THE PROPERTY CLUB has been silently brewing within me, for years. Since the day I drove down Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and decided to turn my life around with property – but without any resources nor a community to count on.

In a bid to level the playing field and prove that there’s “space under our virtual roof for EVERYONE”, I launched ROOM 22 with an incredible team, as the most accessible, affordable and actionable property coaching club in the market.

No longer will “lack of high funds” stop aspiring business leaders in their tracks of development. Because ROOM 22’s “Suite Packages” (club membership options) are set at such unbelievably reasonable prices. For the “Roomies” who join us, monthly package fees start at less than the cost of a takeout coffee every day, over a period of a month.

Now everybody gets to be included in this journey towards phenomenal property success. This is the way it should have always been.

What’s best is that with ROOM 22, members won’t just be getting their hands on online tutorials, 1-2-1 calls, and Hot Seat sessions; but they’ll be leaning into the support of a community as well – which is where the heart of the club will really be.

For me, the goal is to serve the industry as best as possible with the help of my team and other hand-picked experts, coaches and leaders. The club itself will promote a Zero Ego Policy – and we’ll always encourage Roomies to empower and learn from each other; because that’s what true inclusivity is.



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